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When I first started practicing yoga, it was once a week. We’d do yoga before dance rehearsals in the dance company I performed with. I loved how it made me feel, and rehearsals seemed to be more productive and creative. I would leave tired but happy.

But the rest of the week was a different story. I worked in a doctor’s office and while I enjoyed the work in principle, it left me drained every day, even on short days. And I also performed with a stage combat and stunt troupe, which added western martial arts sessions twice a week. So I felt pretty worn out just about all the time.

This changed when I started incorporating yoga into my day. We had learned a pretty basic sun salutation, so I started doing just 5 a day as soon as I got to work and a couple during my lunch break. Less than 10 minutes. Things started to change pretty quickly after that.

First, my flexibility improved substantially. And I felt less tired during the day. My body began to recover more quickly from the rigors of training and performing. I was less reactive to the words of others. I was less angry. I started to think about a future where I worked for myself, maybe teaching movement.

This is how yoga works. Even baby steps will move you forward. If you only do cat and cow pose, you will feel better. Do it now. Right now. There in your chair. Close your eyes and really breath in and out while you do it. Allow the corners of your mouth to turn up while you move your spine and wake it up.

Now just sit calmly for a second and check in. How do you feel? Good.
Thank you for reading this. Thank you for going on this journey with me. Thank you for your trust.

No Time Blog

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