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Keeping it Fun: PLAYLIST

Hi there yogis!  This week we are still looking at AHIMSA (to see other articles on this look here, and here.) 

I’ve noticed that when people begin to develop a sense of non-violence, they take it very seriously.  Why is there so much violence in the world!  This needs to stop RIGHT NOW!!

And while this is a true statement, coming from a place of judgment and self-righteousness will not get us there.  When we are practicing true AHIMSA, we are living in a state of loving playfulness where we approach each situation with curiosity and acceptance.

To help us along, I’ve created this playlist.  Maybe it will perk up your morning routine as you get ready to work for the day, or you can use it as a background to your yoga practice.
It’s so important that we enter each situation with a feeling of control and acceptance.  We have the power to choose how we react at any given moment.  So I invite you to choose to have fun.


Just click on the graphic here and it will take you to the YouTube playlist I created. I hope you enjoy!
Have a great week, and please know I am dancing with you in spirit!

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