I know you.

You’re a successful, career-driven woman, but your days are spent at a computer or rushing to the next appointment. Every day you feel more tired and tense, and it’s hard to let work go at the end of the day.  You want to have an exercise regimen or a yoga practice, but it feels like there simply isn’t time. And you don’t know if yoga would work for you anyway. You feel stuck in your health goals and you wish you had a guide to help you move forward on your fitness path.

Hey, You Are Among Friends.

I’m a yoga teacher and movement coach for smart, creative, imaginative women who feel overwhelmed with deadlines, task lists, and the daily workload.  They want to feel the benefits of yoga like strength, flexibility, balance, better sleep, and less stress. I help them to discover that yoga is open to them and guide them through a journey into the practice that fits their lifestyle just as it is without making any drastic changes.

I Used to Be a Different Kind of Awesome.

I was first introduced to yoga about 10 years ago.  I was really running myself ragged, working full time as an office manager, performing in a modern dance company, and with a sword-fighting performance troupe.  I was going, going, going. I constantly injured myself, and only took rest when I got too sick to work. I also struggled with body image and self-loathing. No matter what I was capable of, I felt like I would never be successful until I was thinner and more flexible.  At that time, I had tried so many techniques in my desire to be…well…younger, and none of them gave me the results I wanted.

But when my dance company invited a yoga instructor who specialized in dancers to our rehearsal, my life changed.  She drove home a dancer-centric sun salutation flow and I still do it to this day. Every day. And with every repetition, something amazing was happening to me.  I was not only finally starting to open my body in measurable ways, but I also began to let go of that outcome. With each sun salute, I began to love myself just as I was.

And other big things began to happen.  I quit my full-time office job, sold my house and went back to school.  As I completed my degree in Theatre Performance, I began to teach aerial dance and yoga.  And in the laboratory of my aerial yoga class, I started to see how yoga can ease the mind as well as the body.  Students got stronger (just as I was getting stronger) and more flexible, but they also became happier. Calmer. Less stressed.

After the total transformation I’d been through, word had spread that I was the go-to person to talk to about trying yoga to feel better.  Every month I was getting new students in my classes, women who were in such a similar place to where I had been.

After graduation and seeing the incredible progress of the women I was teaching, I decided I should really give this yoga teacher thing a try.

Now, several amazing programs later, I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher and am loving every minute of it!

Viviane Dancing
Viviane Wolfe Aerial Yoga

How am I different from other Yoga Teachers

  • I started yoga in my 30s, not in my teens.  I remember what it feels like to be new to the practice and I can guide you from a relatable place.  Whether you are completely new to yoga, you’ve attended some classes, or you used to practice regularly, but need some guidance to get back on track, I have been where you are and I can guide you and meet you where you are right now.
  • I spent 10+ years working with medical doctors and chiropractors as their assistant. This gives me a better understanding of how the body works, and deeper experience in the rehabilitation of common chronic issues such as back pain, neck tension, shoulder tightness, headaches, knee issues, and more.
  • The last chiropractor I worked with was an advanced Ashtanga yoga practitioner, and as I completed my yoga teacher training, she trained me to use yoga specifically to rehabilitate particular workplace issues like stiff upper back, frozen shoulders, low back pain, weak abdominals, and more. Side effects may be more focus, deeper sleep, less anxiety, and inspired peace of mind.
  • With a degree in theatre performance and advanced training in dance and stage combat, I have studied multiple somatic (body awareness) techniques that I have blended into my yoga method.  This blending of movement allows for better awareness and acceptance as you practice, getting into the real goal of yoga: personal connection. This means I teach yoga so that you connect with how it feels rather than how it looks.
  • I also own my online business.  This means I am currently experiencing the same conditions (more or less) you deal with each day as you work long hours at your laptop or computer, with your clients, or completing projects and marketing content.  I feel the stress and tension that you feel and I know how to help you reduce it. I also aim for the same growth and success.
  • I practice what I preach. Even though I spend as much time as you creating content, teaching classes, meeting with private clients, and marketing on social media, I also have a daily yoga practice that keeps me feeling strong and flexible, able to weather the highs and lows of an online business, sleep deeply each night and feel excited each morning as I wake to live the life I choose.

Happiness is Living a Life of Purpose.

Today, I get to help amazing women online find more ease in their body and calm in their mind so they can focus better on their passion and purpose. I am thrilled to share this life journey with such amazing heroic women.  I love my work as a virtual yoga teacher, and every day I’m thankful for the opportunities I have to make a measurable difference in my students’ lives. And I’m not gonna lie, being free from the restraints of the office work life and being completely in alignment with my own path feels pretty great too…

Thanks for Reading!

I would love to hear from you! To learn more about how I can help you discover that yoga is for you, check out my classes and packages or send me an email at: vivianewolfeyoga@gmail.com