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Nature Walk for Focus
Why Nature Walking will Balance Your Work Life
We may still be struggling to balance our work life with our wellness needs, but the more tools you have,
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Breath + Body Focus
You already have the two things you need to improve your focus
I’m sure you’ve heard or read that meditation improves focus.  And while it is true, I wanted to talk to
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Yoga + Pomodoro
Using Yoga and the Pomodoro Technique to Improve Focus and Productivity
Ever feel like work is dragging you down and it’s hard to focus?  Today I’m writing about how overworking negatively
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7 Poses for Low Back Pain
7 Yoga Poses for Low Back Pain
7 Yoga Poses for Low Back Pain Low back pain is a very common and very stressful injury to have.
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Yoga for Business
7 Ways Yoga is Good for Your Biz
7 Reasons Yoga is Good for Your Biz The use of yoga for fitness has been popular for some time.
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“I FEEL” Meditation for You
“I FEEL” Meditation for You Today I’d like to guide you in a meditation to release shame and guilt while
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Must Read: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
A little more than a year ago, I was living a very different life.  I had 4 jobs. One of
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Yoga for Creativity
5 Poses to Stimulate Creativity
Boost Your Creativity with These Yoga Poses We’ve all been there.  The project is due tomorrow.  The page is sitting
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Must Read June
Must Read: “How Yoga Works”
How Yoga Works by Geshe Michael Roach changed my entire outlook on yoga, and it’s written in a narrative format,
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What Do You Want to Learn Next
What Do You Want to Learn Next?
What Do You Want to Learn Next? Did you know that there is more to yoga than stretching your muscles?
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