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Jun Mythbuster
The Flexibility Lie
The Flexibility Lie You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. I get it.  You look online at yoga
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Thank You
Thank You
Thank You! Dearest Friend, I know that I don’t write often and that sometimes what I do write is brief
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Honor Yourself
What Does It Mean To Honor Yourself?
There’s been a lot of talk the last few years about women, how we see ourselves, how we are treated,
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Down Dog Variations
Walk Your Dog!
This week in my Facebook group, we are tackling Adho mukha svanasana or Downward-facing Dog Pose.  This pose is considered to be very
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Tabletop Variations
6 Variations for Tabletop Pose
This week I am focusing on a series of yoga poses that are based in table top, or Bharmanasana.  This
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Keep it fun
Keeping it Fun: PLAYLIST
Hi there yogis!  This week we are still looking at AHIMSA (to see other articles on this look here, and
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Meeting the Moment
Meeting the Moment: CHECKLIST (Free Download)
As we move deeper into AHIMSA (did you read last week’s blog on this yogic precept?  Check it out here)
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Doing No Harm: What is AHIMSA?
For March, we are looking at the yogic concept of AHIMSA, or non-violence. “Being firmly grounded in non-violence creates an
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3 Yoga Poses
Why 3 yoga poses every day is valuable
Yoga is a movement practice that opens the body in a way that gives us more ease.  And while most
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No Time Blog
No time? No problem!
When I first started practicing yoga, it was once a week. We’d do yoga before dance rehearsals in the dance
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