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Extended Yoga Break EP 16
Yoga Core Sequence | EXTENDED Yoga Break
Strengthen your core to build confidence and self-esteem while supporting movement of all kinds. A strong core also supports your
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February 2019 Classes
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Your Yoga Life Podcast EP 11
Your Questions Answered | Your Yoga Life
In this episode, I answer your questions about yoga, life, and business. Originally live-streamed on Facebook, questions include: What kind
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Extended STrap Sequence
Yoga Strap Sequence | EXTENDED Yoga Break
This week I am teaching an extended yoga sequence to open and release the hips and legs so that you
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Your Yoga Life Podcast EP 10
What I Do To Feel Grounded In My Online Business | Your Yoga Life
Running a business is challenging, especially in the online space. Working with so many other women entrepreneurs has taught me
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Five Minute Yoga Break EP 14
Grounding Yoga for Focus and Clarity | Five Minute Yoga Break
Take five minutes today to stabilize and connect with a relaxing yoga sequence that will ground you for more focus
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Your Yoga Life Podcast EP 9
Are You Consistent In Your Business | Your Yoga Life
Do you want more consistency in your business? Consistent content creation? Consistent follow up? Let’s chat about how yoga helps
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Five Minute Yoga Break EP 13 Build Consistency with Yoga
Build Consistency with Yoga | Five Minute Yoga Break
Feeling lazy or procrastinating? Do you have trouble prioritizing. Spend five minutes to spark the energy to get it all
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Your Yoga Life Podcast EP 8
The ONE Thing You Need To Eliminate Distractions in Your Business | Your Yoga Life
Today we are talking about overcoming distractions so that you can succeed in your yoga practice and in your business.
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Five Minute Yoga Break EP 12
Yoga to Reduce Distraction | Five Minute Yoga Break
Are you suffering from sensory overload? Do you have too many tabs open? Take a break from all that to
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