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Where do you spend your day
Where do you spend most of your day
Today I thought I’d share a typical day in Viviane Land. I wake up and drink some coffee while playing
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Feb Quote
February Quote
This quote really hit me. In my study of yoga, the concept of vairagya, or renunciation (sometimes referred to as
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Use Yoga To Create Space
How to use yoga to create space in your day
As you develop your own personal daily yoga practice, you might experiment with using yoga as a way to exit
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Make Time for Yoga
How to Create Time for Yoga
Time seems to be the biggest factor for people who want to practice yoga but are not currently doing so.
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“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”
January Quote
As far as quotes go, this is one that I keep going back to. Yoga is a practice.  We practice
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Vinyasa Pin
Vinyasa Yoga
I’m starting to see the phrase “vinyasa yoga” pop up in my social feeds more and more.  As a vinyasa
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2018 goal setting
Getting Ready for 2018: My Process for Goal Setting
Getting Ready for 2018: My Process for Goal Setting So many of us make new year’s resolutions and then wonder
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donut shop
The Perils of Living Behind the Donut Shop
The Perils of Living Behind the Donut Shop So I have finally returned to this blog, after an eventful summer. 
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Aparigraha, or The Mad Hoarder Sells All Her Stuff
Aparigraha, or, Why I sold All My Shit When my yoga teacher challenged the class to pick a Yama (Yamas
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yoga reading list
Reading List
Happy March! Although there are a gazillion blog articles, vlogs, YouTube tutorials, Facebook Live videos, and Instagram Stories that we
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