Jedi Yoga 4 | Jakku Sequence to Build Heat

Jedi Yoga 4 | Jakku Sequence to Build Heat

Hey, scavenger scum! Today we explore the desert planet of Jakku with a yoga sequence that will heat your body and soothe your mind. Join me live for this fun little yoga sequence full of fan references that’ll make you laugh and encourage you to get stronger and more flexible. This yoga class may be simple, but it will have lots of variations for beginners to yoga as well as more advanced yogis. Imagine yourself calm and peaceful as you move your body and quiet your mind. This practice was lovingly designed for my pals, the geeks and nerds, and especially for generation x.

Yoga is a great fitness practice to help you work out, lose weight, reduce stress, and generally feel better in your body. Yoga also helps calm the mind, allowing for more focus and creativity while minimizing anxiety or worry. Yoga can also help reduce blood pressure, fatigue, increase energy and balance hormones. This live yoga class is great for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners. There will always be modifications recommended to make each pose and flow accessible to your abilities.

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