Your Yoga Life Gold Membership

A private yoga membership to develop an effective daily self-care practice that allows you to reduce tension and let go of stress on your own.

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What if you could:

  • Release the stress and tension that builds throughout your busy workday so that you feel more focused and productive as you meet clients and complete projects
  • Sleep better at night so that you are refreshed and ready for what the day has in store
  • Have a daily self-care practice that works for you: your body, schedule, goals and needs and helps you show up with confidence as you go after your business goals.

Does this sound like you:

  • You spend long hours at your laptop or computer and feel stiff or tight in your back?
  • You experience anxiety or a manic mind, your thoughts run away with you?
  • You feel overworked and overwhelmed with all you have to do, and feel like there is no time for a daily self-care practice?
  • The feast or famine cycle of running an online business is wearing you down and burning you out?

Did you say yes to any of these? Then you are in the right place.

If you are feeling stressed and worn out, then I completely understand.  Owning your own business is a lot of work, long hours at the computer, meetings with clients, and deadlines that wear on your nerves.  Most women I know who are entrepreneurs or business owners spend long days serving their people and little time on themselves. They often feel back pain, stiff joints, tension, headaches, and anxiety in addition to the stress of keeping all the moving parts of their business running smoothly.

Many of the women I work with have tried yoga before, but getting to the studio for a class is too inconvenient with their busy schedule.  And when they try to practice yoga with a YouTube video or a pre-recorded app, they feel confused (Am I doing the pose right? What do I do if my body doesn’t look like that?) or they become unmotivated and distracted by work, housework, family, or pets.

But I would like to offer you a more complete system of yoga.  A complete self-care approach that will ease the stress and tension that comes with owning your own business so you can connect with clients with confidence and complete projects with ease.  A daily practice that supports your work and helps you to grow and thrive rather than burn out.

When you develop a personal yoga practice, one that supports and releases all three aspects of existence: mind, body, and spirit,  you begin to enjoy a life of ease and purpose, bringing more creativity, productivity, and connection to your business.

That’s where YOUR YOGA LIFE comes in.

This membership puts you in control of your method for dealing with the stresses of your business with confidence and ease so that you can get more done, improve work relationships, and build the resilience to weather the highs and lows of running an online business.

Together we will balance your body, your mind, and your spirit so that you can become a more optimal version of yourself, allowing you to focus more, work less, and do more of the things that make you feel happy. And we do this every day, five days a week.


25-35 minute live yoga classes five mornings each week

These classes vary in style, level of challenge, and focus so that you can keep your practice fresh and exciting. I curate these classes to maximize the benefits of yoga on your body, your mind, your spirit and your business.

Access to the replay of these classes as long as you are a member.

I've created a members-only vault to keep these classes forever, so you can go back to your favorites again and again, at your convenience.

Early access to publicly released content

The YouTube series, "Five Minute Yoga Break" and the podcast "Your Yoga Life Podcast" are released a few days early for members so you can enjoy them before anyone else.

Early access to online courses

Already in the works, I will be releasing a few online courses throughout 2019, as well as stand alone classes for purchase. Members get access to these digital products before the general public as well as a discount for those products as long as you are a member.

Free stuff just for you

As I create more, I want to give it to my members first. This includes workbooks, video lectures, a community space, and more.

Personalized Support for Inner Circle Members

For those few who decide to join the INNER CIRCLE tier of membership, I offer monthly private coaching sessions where we meet through Zoom to assess and set goals in yoga and business using yogic techniques for achieving success. There are limited spots in the INNER CIRCLE so that I can offer this personal touch.

Considering a yoga class averages about $20/hour, this membership is such a value. I believe what I give is worth much more, and I think you will agree.

Join the YOUR YOGA LIFE GOLD MEMBERSHIP now and begin your yoga practice with women just like you who want to end the feeling of exhaustion and overwhelm and embrace more energy, clarity, focus, and inner calm.

Melisa Sharpe, Architect

“I was curious about how virtual yoga would work so I signed up with Viviane. The session went even better than I thought it would and really made my day, if not week. Viviane has a positive helpful professional demeanor on video that helped me feel held and safe. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for virtual yoga - maybe they already do yoga at home with video. Viviane’s personal instruction would really help make their practice customized to them and their current situation, and take it to the next level. After our work together I feel so much more flexible.”

Kym Kays, Employement Specialist

"Viviane has a very gentle, soothing style of leading a class through the full spectrum of wonderful yoga flows and restorative moves. Regardless of the age in her classes, she encourages in such a way that all go away feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every session."

Who am I?

Hi there!  I’m Viviane Wolfe, an online yoga coach.  I am a certified Yoga Teacher based in Independence and work in the Southeast Kansas Area. In my previous career, I assisted chiropractors and doctors for over 10 years as they treated patients, much of that time applying treatments and modalities myself.

I began practicing yoga just for the physical benefits about 10 years ago.  Back then I was super stressed out, depressed, anxious, and I felt…well, just lost.  I worked the 40 hours/week job, I was part of two performance groups and I drank heavily every weekend to numb myself from the pain of not feeling free and purposeful.  I had been dreaming and wishing of making real change happen in my life for years, but I simply couldn’t make it happen.

Until yoga came into my life.  That’s when I learned that yoga not only makes you stronger and more flexible, it eases tension and reduces stress.  I felt more comfortable in my own skin and I could sit more easily with my own thoughts without feeling overwhelmed.

Flash forward ten years, and now I am a yoga teacher with my own studio and my own business.  I completed my college degree after putting it off for 15 years, I’ve moved to the city of my dreams, I’ve created a life of meaning and purpose where I feel truly free and in alignment with my own dharma.  And my personal yoga practice made this possible and continues to support me through all of this.

I created this yoga membership to help you ease tension and reduce stress.  In a private membership, one that gives you daily live yoga and is more personal and convenient than a studio class, you can feel better in your body and calmer in your mind.

Read this to see how I am different from other yoga teachers

How do you know if YOUR YOGA LIFE membership is for you?

  • Are you a business-minded woman who wants to thrive in her work with a personal self-care method customized to her needs?
  • Are you willing to do some serious work creating a new habit that releases stress and tension while building strength and flexibility?
  • Does the idea of supporting yourself so you can fully shine in your business sound good to you?
  • Are you ready for the mental and physical freedom yoga offers so that you can fully enjoy your existence and create a bigger impact on the world around you?

How will this membership create the change you want?

  • When you combine breath and movement in a practice such as yoga, you support your physical and mental wellness so that you can feel more focused on your business and able to complete the task at hand.
  • When you practice yoga regularly, you sleep better, so you feel more refreshed and ready for your work each day and you can get your work done without feeling like you’re dragging.
  • When you eliminate aches and pains in your body, you are less distracted by physical discomfort so that you can feel free in your body AND in your business, as it grows without feeling frustrated or worn out.
  • Practicing yoga regularly also builds a resilience that allows you to thrive through the highs and lows of running an online business.
  • Creating lasting change and new habits take time, which is why this package is more effective at creating a daily practice than a single session of private yoga instruction.

Considering a yoga class averages about $20/hour, this membership is such a value. I believe what I give is worth much more, and I think you will agree.

Join the YOUR YOGA LIFE GOLD MEMBERSHIP now and begin your yoga practice with women just like you who want to end the feeling of exhaustion and overwhelm and embrace more energy, clarity, focus, and inner calm.

Questions? Here are a few answers that might help:

Let’s recap: 25-35 minute yoga classes five mornings each week, access to the replay of these classes as long as you are a member.  These classes will not be released publicly. You also get early access to publicly released content such as YouTube videos and podcast episodes as well as early access to online courses I release at a members-only discount, a weekly newsletter, worksheets and workbooks to help you take the benefits of your yoga practice into your business practice and more as we grow as a community. If you join the Inner Circle, you also get monthly 90-minute private sessions with me to set personal goals, address limitations and blocks that keep you from practicing the way you want, and create a plan to reach your goals.

This membership is only $25/month for gold members, which means you pay for ONE class per month and get all the rest for free!  I’ve set this price to make it accessible to you while creating a value commitment you can feel good about.

Absolutely.  Each class is labeled for the experience level and most classes are designed for all levels, beginner to advanced.  Yoga will meet you where you are, no matter how new you are to doing it.

This membership offers daily live classes and I guide you in creating a practice that works for you.  Yoga is designed to feel good. So the real question is, do you want to feel good every day?

You can cancel your membership at any time, but I believe you won’t want to leave once you experience the benefits of practicing yoga regularly in your life and your business.

This is it! Click the button to start now:

Join the YOUR YOGA LIFE GOLD MEMBERSHIP now and begin your yoga practice with women just like you who want to end the feeling of exhaustion and overwhelm and embrace more energy, clarity, focus, and inner calm.


Step 1. Join YOUR YOGA LIFE by clicking the button above.  It will take you to the membership platform, Patreon.

Step 2. Select your membership tier.  You can start with the GOLD membership to get all the benefits listed above.  For more personalized coaching, you can decide to join the INNER CIRCLE for private yoga coaching in addition to the other benefits.

Step 3. Complete the payment information using a credit card or Paypal account.

Step 4. When that is all complete, you will receive a personalized email from me, within 1-2 days.  In this message, you will get info on what to do next, and a couple of quick questions from me to make your membership experience the best I can.

Step 5. Bookmark the membership site so you can come back and practice yoga regularly.

That’s It!

When you practice yoga, you get stronger, more flexible, more focused, less stressed, and you sleep better at night.  All of this makes you more confident at work, you get more done so you can work less and actually enjoy your business and your life! Join YOUR YOGA LIFE today to start your practice.