Online Yoga Coaching

Does this sound like you:

  • Suffer from a stiff lower back
  • Have poor posture
  • Sit for long hours
  • Neck tension
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Stressed

Hi, I’m Viviane.

I am a certified Yoga Teacher based in Independence and work in the Southeast Kansas Area.

In my previous career, I assisted chiropractors and doctors for over 10 years as they treated patients, much of that time applying treatments and modalities myself.

I have spent the last 10 years practicing Yoga and Meditation, the last 5 years teaching both publicly and privately.

I teach Yoga because it changed my life.  I know it can change yours too.  Yoga has the power to meet anyone where they are right in this moment and show them how to move forward and become stronger, more flexible, less stressed, and in general…well, happier.

The combination of my medical experience and my yoga training makes me uniquely qualified to guide women into a personal yoga practice that creates ease, reduces stress and tension, and improves overall wellness.

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Online yoga packages include:

  • live yoga coaching via Zoom or Skype.  More than a personal yoga class, these sessions assess your limitations and goals and using yoga sequences created just for you we overcome those limitations and meet those goals with ease and focus.
  • “Homework” or guidance on how to continue the practice and advance between sessions.
  • Support via email during your yoga journey
  • Accountability check-ins 
  • much much more
“I was curious about how virtual yoga would work so I signed up with Viviane. The session went even better than I thought it would and really made my day, if not week. Viviane has a positive helpful professional demeanor on video that helped me feel held and safe. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for virtual yoga - maybe they already do yoga at home with video. Viviane’s personal instruction would really help make their practice customized to them and their current situation, and take it to the next level. After our work together I feel so much more flexible.”
Melisa Sharpe

Schedule your FREE consultation

During your free 30 minute consultation, we will discuss your goals for a yoga practice as well as the obstacles that are keeping you from practicing yoga.  Then we will figure out if I am a good yoga coach for you and which of my packages best fit your needs.  If you’ve been wanting to start the life-transforming practice yoga, schedule a call with me today.